Q.What is a Footing Tube?
A.The Footing Tube is the latest product on the market that not only forms concrete piers for decks and additions but also protects them from movement caused by frost and freezing soil that lift, move and deteriorate your concrete piers. See Technical Specifications >>

Q.What is the advantage over traditional methods?
A.-The Footing Tube provides many advantages over traditional methods. The form is made out of a ultra high density polyethylene that resists material freezing to the concrete pier. The Footing Tube does not break down when it gets wet. The Footing Tube incorporates the footing and pier in one pour. The Footing Tube easily installed form that resists backfill pressures, requires no special backfill material or drainage, etc. See Comparisons >> 

Q.Can I compact around the Footing Tube?
A.The Footing Tube has been tested for compaction around the tube in different soils. All tubes passed these tests and with the durable construction we have never had any failure in the past.

Q.Is the Safety Top attached? How do I cut it off?
A.The Footing Tube safety top is incorporated in the design and is molded as part of the tube. To remove the top, it can be cut off with a knife or a saw.

Q.When should I cut the safety top off?
A.The Footing Tubes safety top should not be cut off until just prior to pouring concrete. This will maintain the integrity of the top of the tube and keep dirt, children, pets, etc. from falling into the tube. Also the safety top airlocks the tube to eliminate water from building up inside the tube.

Q.How do I find how deep the frost level goes in my area?
A.Local building officials would be able to help you with frost depths in your area. Another source would be a geotechnical firm or soils engineering firm in your area.

Q.Can I still purchase Footing Tubes if there are no stores near me?
A.If The Footing Tube is not available in your area, we can make arrangements to have the product delivered directly to you. Please check that there are no locations near you prior to contacting us. When you contact us about having the tubes delivered, please have availiable your address, phone / fax numbers and the number of tubes that you require available.

Q.If I am mixing concrete by hand, how much Portland cement does it require?
A.This depends on the mix that you are producing. On average, one bag of Portland type cement with the appropriate sand, rock and water mixture will provide enough cement for each Footing Tube.

Q.Can I fill The Footing Tube with gravel and just top off the upper 12 inches with concrete?
A.This would not be recommended for the following reasons:.

  1. Sand and gravel can get saturated with water not only from the surface, but also by picking water up from below the tube. This moisture in cold temperatures would freeze and push the tube, and capping concrete up out of the ground.
  2. The sand would be very hard to compact inside of the tube and this would not give you a solid footing to carry the loads that may be put on the pier.
  3. If the frost depth in your area is below this 12″ capping of concrete, then the frost will penetrate through the tube and freeze the material inside that would cause the tube to fail.

Q.What do other people have to say about The Footing Tube after they have used it?
A.We have found that when most people use The Footing Tube they are very pleased with how quick and easy the installation process is, and are very confident that the tube will stay in place as a solid footing and pier. See Testimonials >>

We invite you to check out our testimonials page to see what others have said about The Footing Tube.

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