The ULTIMATE Concrete Pier Footing Forms
Shift Happens - Be Sure Your Project Doesn't!

Shift Happens

Frost moving your deck, dock, or additions?

Are you in need of a simple, easy concrete footing form that is stable in frozen ground? The Footing Tube may be the answer for you!

These lightweight concrete forms are designed to eliminate frost from lifting piers, and can be installed in any type of weather – without breaking down due to wet weather conditions.

The Footing Tube has even more benefits and advantages:

  • Footing and tube incorporated in single pour for added stability and strength.
  • Lightweight, durable construction. The plastic form helps eliminate negative effects of ground water.
  • Easy to use, labour saving installation for those DIY construction projects.
  • Efficient coordination of pouring and excavation. No need to strip forms or wait to backfill.
  • Compaction of backfill material can be done prior to pouring concrete.
  • Stackable design for easier storage, shipping and handling.
  • Works in frost prone areas to 5ft. depths.
  • Smooth plastic concrete pier forms create an added slip joint.
  • Labelled sizing rings make backfill requirements easier to inspect and are used as a guide for sizing.
  • The frost-proof concrete footing forms will not break down under wet conditions like the  paper construction of sonotubes and bigfoot systems.
  • Safety Top keeps pets, rocks, rain, children, etc. from falling into tube prior to pouring concrete footing.
  • Sealed Top keeps form from filling up with ground water prior to opening top.
  • Tapered design allows frozen ground to move freely and not freeze to pier.
  • Suitable for decks, additions, fences, boat docks, baby barns, or related renovations or other diy projects, etc.


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