Hello, my name is Brent Cliff, the inventor of The Footing Tube. I would personally like to thank you for visiting the web site.

I would like to give some background about how The Footing Tube originated.

I have been working in the custom home building industry in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada for the past 20 years. Custom home building can be a very challenging industry, with many clients wanting that extra special feature about their home that makes it unique in their area. This represents challenges in finding or creating products that are not common to everyday construction such as unique stair systems, cabinets, doors, etc. With this being said, I am always up for a challenge.

As well, there have been many progressive developments in the industry over the last number of years with many of these changes initiated by people in the industry striving to improve the way we build. Products, systems and procedures all play a role in improving the industry. Products that work, systems that are efficient and procedures that can save time, money, and are safe for the installer as well as the public. I believe you will find all three elements came into play in the development of The Footing Tube.

The Footing Tube has been “in the works” since 1996. It has taken a lot of time and energy to bring an idea that I had in a homeowner’s back yard, to a product that is very well respected in the industry. The primary theory of The Footing Tube has been around for years. The use of wooden tapered forms to make concrete piers has worked for years, but with the fast-paced building of today the use of The Footing Tube makes this system more efficient and effective than before.

Safety was another element that was at the forefront in development. Being able to mold a top/cover on the tube allowed for the products’ installation and backfill at the same time, so as not to leave any open holes in the ground or tube for people or pets to fall in accidentally.

I am pleased to have provided The Footing Tube to the construction industry. Although it has taken me away from the home building, I feel it necessary to be available to customers with questions about their projects. In most cases when you call or email your questions to The Footing Tube you will be talking to me directly.

Best regards and good luck on your next project!!

Brent Cliff

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