• Footing and tube incorporated in single pour for added stability and strength
  • Lightweight,durable construction. The plastic form helps eliminate negative effects of ground water
  • Easy to use, labour saving installation
  • Efficient coordination of concrete and excavation.No need to strip form or wait to backfill
  • Compaction of backfill material can be done prior to pouring of concrete
  • Stackable design for easier storage & shipping, manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Works in frost prone areas to 5ft. depths
  • Smooth plastic form creates an added slip joint
  • Labelled sizing rings make backfill requirements easier to inspect and are used as a guide for sizing
  • The form will not break down under wet conditions
  • Safety Top keeps pets, rocks, rain, children, etc. from falling into tube prior to pouring concrete

November 14, 2000The following letter provides geotechnical recommendations and comments pertaining to the Footing Tube. The recommendations and comments herein are based on the National Building code of Canada (1995), the Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (1992) and accepted geotechnical practice.The base area of the Footing Tube as measured by the undersigned is 3.11 square feet including the flanged edge and 2.58 square excluding the flanged edge. Assuming the soil has an acceptable allowable bearing pressure, the base of the Footing Tube has a satisfactory soil/structure contact area to withstand typical residential loading.The total height of the Footing Tube is 5 feet. This height provides acceptable ground penetration to withstand frost penetration below the footing in most seasonal frost areas in Canada.

The tapered sides of the Footing Tube give it its resistance to the uplift forces of frost. It is the opinion of the undersigned that the angle of taper and the material of the Footing Tube are sufficient to withstand such uplift forces.

The ultra high strength polyethylene used to construct the Footing Tube appears to be durable and sufficient to withstand forces applied by typical installation.

The principal design advantage of the Footing Tube is its resistance to uplift from frost. It is the opinion of the undersigned, that if properly installed, the Footing Tube will provide superior protection from frost driven uplift than that provided by typical cylindrical formwork.

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